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Fabrication and Assembly


Laser and Turret Press
Expert craftsmen who get the most out of the best equipment.

When it comes to turning raw materials into parts in the Laser and Turret Press Department, there are three critical factors: quick setup, high throughput, and consistent quality. InMetal shines on all three counts. Our Laser and Turret Press Operators have extensive experience and very high standards. And they work with the very best equipment in the industry: top-of-the-line, high speed Cincinnati laser and Amada turret presses with robotic loaders.

Press Brake
Where forming technology becomes an art.

Press brake forming is the most technically challenging operation in sheet metal fabrication. This is one area where talent and technology are absolutely on an equal footing. With a gift for visualization and creative problem solving coupled to an average of 24 years of experience, our Press Brake Operators provide skill and talent no machine alone could duplicate. And they work on the best equipment in the industry, Cincinnati 6-axis CNC hydraulic press brakes with precision tooling and a full range of forming capability up to 230 tons.

Welding and Assembly
Experts at putting it all together.

When it comes to putting projects together, our Welding and Assembly Departments are first rate. We are constantly adding new tools and production strategies in order to meet our customers' needs for increasingly sophisticated assembly. At inMetal, we're prepared to handle a full range of lot sizes, physical sizes, and complexities. No job is too small or too large, from simple pop-riveted chassis to frame weldments packed with multiple card cages and power supply bays. And we are experienced in working with components and assembly technologies outside the traditional realm of sheet metal fabricators, such as machine parts, motion systems, and electro-mechanical assemblies.

InMetal is the place to turn for a full range of fabrication and assembly services
· Chassis   · Mechanical Assembly
· Card Cages   · Electro-Mechanical Assembly
· Large Frames & Enclosures   · Small Parts and Bracketry
· Complex Weldments   · Precision Wire Forms


Custom Designed Chassis

InMetal is the place to turn for technically precise, cost-effective production of a wide variety of chassis: from simple to complex, low to high volume, with basic to highly specialized finishes. Fully equipped with the latest Amada Vipros punching cell and Cincinnati CNC 6-axis hydraulic press brakes, we are adept at fabricating single piece chassis and multi-part assemblies. In addition, InMetal provides value-added integration with other components. Our seasoned staff can skillfully handle everything from the smallest handheld printer chassis to large housings for computer mainframes and industrial process and test equipment.

Card Cages
Card Cages

InMetal provides complete capabilities for producing a wide variety of card cages in any number of configurations. Our expertise and extensive tooling inventory enable us to offer highly cost-effective solutions in much shorter time than industry norms. In addition, InMetal offers value-added integration with other components - including complex assembly work - to take your job to completion. We provide design consultation for every stage of a product's lifecycle, from prototype through full production and beyond.

Large Frames and Enclosures
Large Frame

InMetal has everything you need for high quality, cost-effective, custom structural frame fabrication. Our welded structural frames are outstanding in their precision, versatility, economy and strength. We offer expert design assistance and full capabilities for creating structural frames to meet your unique size, weight, loading and configuration requirements. Our staff has the sophistication and skill to handle even the largest and most complex frames. In addition, we provide full value-added capabilities for fabricating and assembling the sheet metal components housed by your frames, including card cages and power supply bays. As an added benefit, we stage parts and complete them as you need them for just-in-time delivery.

Complex Weldments
Complex Weldments

InMetal excels at providing superior weldments. Our experience and resourcefulness make us expert at cost-effectively engineering fixtures to achieve precise alignment and maintain tight tolerances. We are skilled at handling difficult, complex weldments with great accuracy, and offer full capabilities for fabricating and welding sheet metal as well as structural tubing. You can turn to inMetal for a wide range of production needs: from small to large, simple to complex, with structural integrity and cosmetic finesse.

Mechanical Assembly
Mechanical Assembly

When your fabrication requirements include mechanical assembly, turn to in Metal. We provide complete services from experts with a full repertoire of assembly techniques, including: spot, TIG and MIG welding; slot and tab construction; popriveting, riveting, eyeletting, and nut and bolt assembly. We can accurately and efficiently assemble a full range of size and complexity, from fist-sized enclosures to large-scale structural weldments housing a variety of power supply bays, card cages and other components. Our services are custom tailored to meet your needs, and our team is dedicated to your satisfaction.

Electro-Mechanical Assembly
Electro-Mechanical Assembly

InMetal is an ideal source for value-added electromechanical assembly services for our sheet metal fabrication customers. Our highly trained staff is fully equipped to assemble a wide variety of parts, including backplanes, switches, connectors and cables. We offer convenient, cost-effective, dependable service with meticulous attention to detail and timely delivery. For superior sheet metal fabrication and assembly, as well as high quality electromechanical assembly, there is no better place to turn than InMetal.

Small Parts and Bracketry
Small Parts and Bracketry

As a company known for its skill in handling fabrication of all kinds, in Metal is the first choice for customers who need small parts and bracketry. Every job is important to us, from the simplest bracket to the most intricate chassis. We approach each part with the same focus, skill and commitment to quality. Our expert operators use state-of-the-art equipment to produce cost- effective, low to high volume fabrication. Our experienced team will also manage the work flow to help you minimize inventory by manufacturing parts as you need them - on time and according to your specifications.

Precision Wire Forms
Precision Wire Forms

InMetal is the perfect resource for specialty wire forms that require a great degree of accuracy. We have developed a highly cost-effective fixturing system that delivers significant price reductions on complex welded wire forms. In addition, we have the capability to combine wire forms with sheet metal fabrication and machined components. You can turn to InMetal for all your low to medium volume, high precision wire forms - delivered on time and according to your specifications.

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