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          Industrial Metal

          Products Co., Inc.
          15 Merchant St.
          Sharon, MA 02067
          Tel: 781.327.1000
          Fax: 781.784.6075





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        ISO 9001:2015



47,000 Square feet of manufacturing and assembly space
  4,000 Square feet of administrative and engineering space

Production Control and Accounting Systems:

40-Client PC Network running Visual Manufacturing under Windows NT, XP & 98. Visual Manufacturing is an integrated enterprise-wide custom manufacturing software package. Includes process routing; bills of material; estimating; order entry; shop traveler; shop floor barcode labor entry; order tracking; purchasing; inventory; shipping; invoicing; financials; extensive reporting.


Engineering and CAD/CAM System:
  (5) CAD/CAM workstations
  SOLIDWORKS, PRO-E and CADKEY computer aided design software
  Metalsoft Fabri-Win unfolding and CNC turret press programming software
  Cincinnati CNC laser cutting programming software
  DNC download link to turret presses and laser
  VIDAR Truscan D-size scanner
  Electronic CAD file transfer capability:



Power Shears and Saws:
  Cincinnati 6-foot shear with high speed back gauging
  Lodge & Shipley 40-inch precision shear with pin gauging
  Steel and Aluminum cutoff saws



CNC Laser Cutting:
  Cincinnati CL-707 high speed laser cutting system
with 8-shelf automated load/unload system



CNC Turret Punch Presses:
  Amada Vipros 358 King High Speed ASR Punching Cell    33-ton capacity
  Amada Vipros 345 with MP 1212 auto loader    33-ton capacity
  (2) Amada Pega Kings    33-ton capacity
  Extensive tooling inventory; in-turret tapping capability



Graining, Deburring & Associated Machinery:
  RAMCO and AEM 37-inch abrasive belt wet sanders
  Timesaver 19-inch abrasive belt wet sander
  Sweco vibratory deburring mill; (2) barrel tumble deburring mills
  Beech stroke sander
  (3) Deburring machines; (2) belt grinders; assorted hand grinders



Press Brakes:
  230-ton 10-foot Cincinnati Autoform 6-axis hydraulic
  175-ton 8-foot Cincinnati Formmaster II 2-axis hydraulic
  135-ton 7-foot Cincinnati
  (2) 90-ton 10-foot Cincinnati Autoform 6-axis hydraulics
  90-ton 8-foot Cincinnati Autoform 6-axis hydraulic
  90-ton and 75-ton 6-foot Chicago, Dries & Krump
  All brakes equipped with CNC controls



Power Punch Presses:
  (5) Punch presses, up to 40-ton capacity



Welding Equipment:
  Genesis Systems Versa 2G robotic welding system
  (4) Miller heliarc (TIG) welders
  (6) Miller and 1 Westinghouse MIG welders
  (2) DC and 2 capacitance discharge stud welders
  Taylor-Winfield 150 KVA spot welder
  Taylor-Winfield 100 KVA spot welder
  Taylor-Winfield 50 KVA spot welder
  (2) Peer 15 KVA spot welders
  Capacity to weld and spot weld aluminum, steel,
stainless steel and other metals.



Assembly & Secondary Equipment:
  (6) Haeger hardware inserters with automatic feed
  (1) Haeger hardware inserter with manual feed
  Pop-matic Point & Set auto-feed riveting system
  (8) Pneumatic pop-riveters
  (2) Automatic pop-rivet presenters
  Rivnut and nutsert setting equipment
  (2) Steco tapping machines
  (1) Four-spindle and 3 single-spindle drill presses



Machine Shop Equipment:
  TRAK DPM 3-axis CNC milling machine
  Bridgeport milling machine with TRAK 2-axis CNC retrofit
  (2) Bridgeport milling machines with digital readouts
  Hardinge chucker
  (2) Southbend lathes
  Startrite band saw and electric hack saw
  Reid surface grinder
  Amada tool grinder
  Arbor press
  (2) Drill presses
  Bench grinder



Inspection Equipment:
  Fabri-Vision Model S computerized optical inspection system
  (2) 3' x 4' Starrett crystal pink surface plates
  (2) 24" Mitutoyo Digicount height gauges
  40" Mitutoyo vernier calipers
  (2) 24" Mitutoyo Digimatic calipers
  (2) 24" Mitutoyo vernier calipers
  (7) 12" Helios dial calipers and (7) 12" Mitutoyo dial calipers
  Set of certified gauge blocks
  Wide variety of miscellaneous inspection equipment:
Pin gauges, thread gauges, fixtures, small surface plates,
scales, squares, protractors, etc.



Miscellaneous Equipment:
  30" Power flattening roller
  36" Manual roller
  4' Manual box and pan brake
  3' Manual shear
  3-ton Overhead crane


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Industrial Metal Products Co., Inc.
15 Merchant St. Sharon, MA 02067
Tel: (781) 327.1000 Fax: (781) 784-6075

E-Mail: info@inmetal.com